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The structure of the SysMBo Consortium

SysMBo consists of 11 partners joining strengths in the metabolomics, lipidomics, genetics, physiology, and systems biology in a unique consortium. Members of the consortium bring in not only their expertise, but also a powerful infrastructure concerning genotyping and population ge-netics, molecular and cellular biochemistry, and last, but not least, computing infrastructure.

The core modules of our consortium cover clinical research, genome-wide association studies, experimental model systems, analysis of high-throughput data, information technology and systems biology. It is based on strong expertise and track record in human (Meitinger, Illig) and mouse (Neschen, Hrabé de Angelis) genetics and physiology, clinical investigation of metabolism related diseases (Schoser, Klopstock, Prokisch), nutritional medicine (Hauner), lipidomics (Schmitz), metabolite profiling (Suhre), bioinformatics, data integration, standardization and qualitative modeling (Stümpflen/Mewes), and quantitative modeling of biological systems (Theis). The majority of the partners have substan-tially contributed to the past and present NGFN programmes funded by the BMBF (Meitinger, Illig, Hrabé de Angelis, Mewes). The theoretical groups (Mewes, Theis) are part of the Alliance on System Biology funded by the Helmholtz Association.

SysMBo Organigramm